Sixtymile - Grand Canyon Experience

Grand Canyon Experience for Doug Nering

Cumulative - River mile 50-Boundary to mile 177-Toroweap

  • Foot travel 457 days
  • River travel 87 days
  • Ski travel 4 days
  • Bicycle travel 5 days
  • Total GC travel 545 days

Chronology - YEAR Month (days). Description and links.

2023 May (5). Successful Hades Route to OneFifty-Mile making my connection to join various lines from river-mile 50-Boundary to river-mile 177-Toroweap. Much help from Jamie C. pushing tracks, and pothole water sources (good when dry) from Rich R.

2023 April (3.1). Many Morons at Sandhill Crack and nearby SV mine-site, with S-Rim hangout, dayhike, and get next SB Point permit.

2022 October (5). Bryant connection grand tour of Tapeats Creek with excursion to Stone Creek and Cranberry Canyon exit. Just wow!

2022 October (5). Attempt OneFifty-Mile to Tuckup, to Paradise Bay and reverse for poor water source.

2022 September (1.3). Josh Case family hangout, with end dayhike Saddle Mtn from Nankoweap rim.

2022 June (1.2). A Confusion of Morons, Lees Ferry and Horseshoe Bend float.

2021 November (1.2). Lees Ferry to Vermillion Cliffs Johnson Point Spring.

2021 October (5.1). Josh birthday trip makes an easy tour of lower Shinumo Canyon as a good test. Much change here from the big rains.

2021 May (2). Morons (6th) Eremita Mesa and Waldron Trail.

2021 February (4). Red Canyon Spring exploration with Chris F.

2020 Covid (0). Year of isolation and recovery.

2019 October (1.2). Morons (5th) summit Mount Huethawali.

2019 October (5). My 4th Escalante Route guiding cousinette Emily - the return to Lipan Pt was a bike-stash at Red Canyon.

2019 May (4). Jumpup and Indian Hollow loop with Chris F.

2019 February (0). Crash the Historical Society (cold camp) and ASU GC Mapping Conference.

2018 November (5). Roundabout Fishtail Mesa with excursion to Walapai (Johnny) Spring. Dennis gets a ride.

2018 August (1.2). Morons do Old Grandview and O'Neil Spring with Dennis as guide.

2018 March (5). OneFifty-Mile to Hack with Rich R guiding and many polychrome sites.

2018 March (5). Tuckup to Toroweap with a tour around the Dome.

2017 October (5). From Swamp Point and Saddle Canyon descent, revisit the 1990 flashflood site Tapeats Creek, Thunder River.

2017 July (1). Morons Old North Kaibab loop, 12 hours.

2017 March (5). Tuckup Trail with Hades canyoneering to river and back out.

2017 February (3). Field Institute GTS and Clear Creek Trail to Zoroaster divide.

2016 July (1). Dayhiking Powell Plateau with the Morons.

2016 March (30). Canyoneering raft trip on the Ceiba 18 foot NRS "Lucky 7" as secondary oarsman with boatman Chris Forsyth. Camps: RL 14.5 Ledge, Lone Cedar, Shinumo Wash, South Canyon, Buck Farm, Little Nankoweap, Carbon, Rattlesnake, Lower Cremation, Trinity, Bass Crossing (2), Randys Rock, OC Camp, Matkat Hotel (2), Upper Ledges, Tuckup (2), National (2), Whitmore Wash (2), RR 202, RR 216.1, Bridge Canyon, RR 243, Burnt Canyon(2), RL 277.5 Pearce Ferry out

2015 September (1). Dayhiking Point Huitzil with the Morons.

2015 April (7). Going out to 94-Mile with Haley to greet Jamie Compos on the last of 34 days from Pearce Ferry to Bright Angel. Slightly missed joining at the 94-Mile riverbank but ended up at BA Site #1 almost the same time.

2015 February (3). Just Bright Angel Camp - physical reset.

2014 December (1). Just Dripping Springs.

2013 March-April (22). Rowing a Moenkopi Riverworks 18 foot Maravia AKA "Strapless" the whole river on the Josh Case expedition. Camps: HotNaNa, Shinumo Wash, Nautaloid, Nankoweap (2), Carbon Ck, Cardenas, Zoroaster, Schist Camp, Bass Camp (2), RL 121, Stone Ck, Football, Ledges, RR 158.7, Fern Glen, RL 156.4, RR 202, RR 216.1, Separation Canyon, Pearce Ferry out. Flipped it on the sleeper rock RL middle Kwagunt. Best major runs at Houserock, Hance, and Killer Fang. Right-left at Crystal, almost left at Bedrock, reversed in Lava but upright.

2012 October (7). Kolb Arch.

2012 May (3). Multi-modal canyoneering. South Canyon, upriver to Fence Fault, cross and descend Silver Grotto and return.

2012 March (5). Shinumo Wash to Bridge of Sighs and back. Bridge of Sighs photo.

2011 October (2). Pipe Creek canyoneering attempt and Bright Angel Camp service project again.

2011 March (8). Exploring Asbestos Canyon trails and the Hance tollroad - this trip became a GC Historical Society presentation and published in "A Rendezvous of Grand Canyon Historians".

2010 October (9). Going "Vagabond for Beauty". Rain 2.5 days and get on top of Nankoweap Mesa. Nankoweap Mesa photo.

2010 April (1). Dayhike Old Tanner from Desert View.

2009 October (3). Bright Angel Camp service project.

2009 September (3). South Canyon, Vaseys Paradise -- major rockfall in upper canyon.

2009 July (1). Red Butte Gathering with Havasupai and dayhike to climb Battleship.

2009 April (4). Boundary Ridge attempt. Rider, Houserock, Boulder Narrows loop. Boundary Ridge photo.

2008 October (7). Crazy Jug Creek descent. Chris discovers the Piper Cub crash wreckage from 1985.

2008 April (11). Royal Arch to Fossil Bay and return with exit Apache Pt. The cruelest landscape anywhere in Grand Canyon. Sundown photo.

2008 March (2). Eminence Break overnight for the last day (08 Mar) of the High-Flow experiment. High-flow photo.

2007 September (9). Butte Fault, Saddle Mtn to Basalt Delta to Lipan Pt. Quest for Barbwire.

2007 September (3). Eminence Break with Chris and the pack-raft. Eminence Break photo.

2007 May (1). Skeleton Point route and into upper Pipe Creek basin. Route Notes.

2007 April (8). River crossings at Lava and Carbon for exploring Lava Chuar and Butte Fault to Sixtymile. Monument to Water photo.

2006 December (7). Clear Creek ruins exploration with the Karen Greig tribe. Clear Creek Snow photo.

2006 October (7). West rim of Kanab Creek - enter off-trail route down Chamberlain, explore Scottys Hollow, exit Flipoff.

2006 April (4). Lead GC intro hike for Chris, Lisa, Emily - Hermit to Bright Angel loop.

2006 April (0). GCHBA Hiker Symposium, day-hike to view west from O'Neil Butte.

2005 December (1). Scout upper Old Hance for route notes.

2005 November (7). Hike with Tom Bourne. Clear Creek west arm - to the far end of east arm - over Brahma / Deva saddle to Bright Angel Camp. Supergroup photo.

2005 October (10). Shinumo and Burro to Hakatai - old trailbed located - N Bass newly rebuilt. Shinumo to Modred to Elaine Saddle and climb Elaine Castle - out Lancelot Pt. Slideshow. Dox Castle photo.

2005 April (6). Thunder River with Deer Creek loop, along the Esplanade east and up the Dutton Trail access near Crazy Jug Pt. High water makes Tapeats Creek impassable and uncrossable. Bob's vehicle is still getting snow as we hike out. Stopping at John Azar's place in Fredonia.

2004 October (13). Shinumo and Burro Canyon to Hakatai and back (4 days). Upriver through Monadnock (1 day 2 nights rain), Crystal and Trinity to North Rim (9 days). At trip end Bob Hostetler's vehicle is frozen in for the winter near Swamp Pt.

2004 June (0). Pioneer Society hikers memorial for Harvey Butchart and George Steck at Shoshone Pt. Margarita party at Ten-X.

2004 April (7). Start from North Kaibab. Chat with Bruce A about BA shale colors on the trail. GCHBA Cottonwood service project 3 days. Dayhike above Upper Ribbon Falls. Cattle Route to Phantom Creek. Utah Flats to Bright Angel and out to South Rim.

2003 December (7). South Kaibab to BA Camp, Phantom, Haunted, Tonto to Cattle Trail, Cottonwood Camp, Upper Ribbon Falls, return to south rim, solo. Overnight at El Tovar with Dad.

2003 November (1). George Steck days at Grand Canyon. Hike with the group going to Indian Garden as far as 2-Mile Corner. Climb The Battleship and return to rim.

2003 October (4). Explore Slate Canyon and attempt Jicarrilla Point route; turned back at double chockstone at the head of the Redwall slot. Return out Boucher and Dripping Spring.

2003 August (1). Exploring Jicarilla Point route with Gene; remote and rugged. Old cairns here.

2003 June (0). Trail Day with Dad, working the Transept Trail on the rim.

2003 April (10). Hike with Alessio again. Red Canyon to Bright Angel, and then on to Clear Creek with a visit to Cheyava Falls and a dayhike to the river.

2002 June (2). Trail Day maintenance on upper Old Kaibab; loop down to Roaring Springs and return via North Kaibab Trail.

2002 April (3). GCHBA Indian Garden maintenance project hosted by Chuck Sypher.

2001 November (2). Completing the abandoned upper sections of the Tanner Trail and Grandview Trail.

2000 September (6). Thunder River and Deer Creek with Alessio from Italy; hike arranged by internet on

2000 April (4). CABA: Grandview Point off-trail west of Cottonwood Creek, descent to mouth of Hance Creek, up Hance to rock corral spring, up Old Hance route to rim. Dave, Danny, Elaine, Ed, Mike, Andrew, Steve. Trip Report.

1999 October (3). Solo Grandview Trail to Cottonwood Creek; explore descent to mouth of Hance; Page Springs to upper Hance; Old Hance route to rim; walk back to Grandview Point.

1999 May (1). Rim-to-rim (12.5 hours) with the Ohio mob. Steve & Laura, Stephen & Bejel, Steve & Michelle, Rick & Michelle, Robert & Rebecca, Chris, Evan, Lisa, Kim. The weekend before Memorial Day is good for less traffic. Bejel's Ten Ways a Rim-to-Rim is Like Having a Baby.

1998 May (11). North Rim Passage: Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, Clear Creek, Vishnu, Asbestos, Unkar, Basalt, Lava, Carbon, Awatubi, Kwagunt, Nankoweap, Marion-Seiber, Saddle Mountain trailhead. Trip Report.

1998 April (1). Old Trail loop and out Grandview.

1997 November (3). Trail 31 and Boundary Ridge route exploration.

1997 July (1). Meet Dad and friends for end of 2nd AzRA trip at top of Redwall on Bright Angel to help haul gear out. Dinner at El Tovar.

1997 June (0). Amy and Howie wed at Shoshone Point.

1997 May (13). The big AzRA river trip. With Deborah and Dad from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek. Camps: RL at mile 25; RL opposite Saddle Canyon; Nankoweap Delta; Carbon Creek Beach; RL opposite Vishnu Canyon; RR at mile 104 (above Ruby); Randys Rock; Ponchos Kitchen; Last Chance (RR above Havasu); Parashant Delta; RL above Lower Granite Gorge (Three Springs?). Hikes at President Harding, Mile 50, Carbon Creek, The Tabernacle, Deer Creek, Matkatamiba, and Havasu to Beaver Falls.

1997 January (7). Marshall Malden's ski Jacob Lake to Kaibab Lodge to Winter Camp. Snowshoe N. Kaibab to Cottonwood Camp. Hike to Phantom Ranch; out Bright Angel. Trip Report.

1996 December (5). Explore 91 Mile and Trinity going around Cheops Pyramid.

1996 October (5). Saddle Mountain into Nankoweap by Marion/Seiber route. Cross into Kwagunt and locate ruins. Explore upper Kwagunt and then go down to river. Follow river to Nankoweap, return to Marion/Seiber and out.

1996 April (5). Bill Baumann’s trip to see Cheyava Falls; given-up when we learn they are dry. Moonlight hike out South Kaibab and rescue of collapsed hiker 1 mile below top on Easter Sunday morning.

1996 March (2). Water-drop below Point Huitzil.

1995 November (3). Conversion from classic Kelty frame to Dana Terraplane; Thanksgiving trip with Dad to South Canyon.

1995 October (5). Clear Creek exploration with Danny and Elaine. Sumner Wash, East fork dayhike, Clear Creek to the river, beach camp downriver, out Zoroaster, to Sumner Wash, out.

1995 September (5). Indian Hollow, Kanab Creek, Deer Creek. Steck GCLH route led by Bob Rossman. Trip Report.

1995 September (3). Abandon Bass-to-Apache Point trek due to heat and exit at Point Huitzil.

1995 August (1). Along rim to Apache Point to leave water reserve for next hike.

1995 April (3). Short trip into Phantom Creek.

1994 September (6). River assistant for Howie with AzRA. Hot-Na-Na; South Canyon; Saddle Canyon; Crash Camp; RL opposite Zoroaster Canyon; Bright Angel; hike out.

1994 April (7). Lipan Point to Saddle Mountain. Tanner and Beamer to Little Colorado. Crossing in flood during solar eclipse. Hitch across river and follow right bank upriver. Free steak dinner at Kwagunt Beach. Up Kwagunt, across to Nankoweap (lost twice). Up Nankoweap and out Marion/Seiber to Houserock road. Dad and Lorayne meet us at the trailhead. Trip Report.

1993 October (5). Lead CABA group on Escalante Route. Includes Dad and neighbors Luis and Nancy. Escalante Notes.

1993 May (2). Locate Marion/Seiber route from top down. Marion/Seiber Notes.

1993 April (6). Royal Arch loop led by Ed Osborne. Many depart early and 3 of us are left at Bass trailhead without transport. Route Notes.

1992 October (7). Extensive exploration of Nankoweap basin with Danny. Stop at Little Nankoweap, granaries, climb Nankoweap Butte, reach Mystic Falls, locate ruins, failed attempt to find route in Marion/Seiber. Trip Report.

1992 September (3). Boucher to Hermit Loop with CABA.

1991 October (6). Exploration with Danny - Bass Trail to Bass Ferry, to Copper Canyon, to Elves Chasm, back to Esplanade, location of Mystic Spring. Bass/Copper Notes. Elves Chasm Notes. Esplanade Notes.

1991 May (3). Van supported bike around South Rim to North Rim with overnights at Marble Canyon and North Rim. One-day hike across to South Rim on North Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails (11.5 hours).

1990 November (5). Introduce Danny to Grand Canyon. Find route to top of quartzite in west branch of Papago Canyon.

1990 September/October (12). Around Powell Plateau with George Steck, Gary Ladd, and others. Trip Report.

1989 November (7). Bass to Hermit with Luis and Nancy. Very little water; side-trip to river at Ruby Creek. West Tonto Notes.

1989 April (4). Solo exploration of upper Phantom Canyon all the way to the end.

1988 October (1). Tour-hike with Jose Viera to east point of Horseshoe Mesa.

1987 May (4). Go solo. Down Grandview and off-trail to the west. Night 1 in Supai cliffs. Descend Redwall break to Tonto. West to Grapevine for night 2. Night 3 just east of South Kaibab Trail.

1985 October (2). Cardenas direct access solo to Unkar and back (how lonely). Cardenas Notes.

1985 May (5). Escalante route with Hal and Dad. Seems like nowhere.

1984 June (3). With Dad and friend. Grandview to Hance Canyon, down to river and back, and out.

1983 December (4). Bonding with Dad. Tanner to Palisades. Day-hike to Little Colorado and back -- last night at top of Redwall.

1983 June (3). Deborah and I drive Dad and Lorayne to the North Rim for a cross-canyon hike. Lorayne destroys her knee and Deborah and I take over. We are not in shape for this!!

1982 June (3). North to South with Dad, Lorayne, and friends. First time off-trail... day-hike over Utah Flats and climb Cheops Pyramid. Return down Phantom Creek. Cheops Notes.

1981 October (3). Upper Lake Mead raft trip, Pierce Ferry to Separation Canyon and back.

1981 March (2). Attempt to repeat route to river near Cottonwood with Hal, his brother, and brother’s girlfriend. Rain all night. No gear. Miserable and shivering. Haul out next day.

1980 December (3). To Tanner Rapid with Hal, explore upriver to Palisades, back and out.

1980 November (3). Getting serious hiking with Hal. Bright Angel Hermit loop. Injured left knee going down too fast first day (still can feel it). Night 1 at Dana Point; tram relics at point. Night 2 at Granite Rapid. Hike out Hermit (8 hours out); fantastic flock of diving birds in Redwall.

1979 September (4). First time back to show Lee and Hal Grand Canyon. Hance to Grandview with Ebineezer (german shepherd -- bad idea). Night 1 Big Rock again. Spooky overhang entering Mineral Canyon. Fried in afternoon in Mineral Canyon. Huge drops into Hance Creek along Tonto. Arrive at Hance Creek at nightfall to sound of trickling water in creek (thank you Harvey Butchart).

1971 August (3). "Let’s go hike Grand Canyon" with Deborah. Look for head of Red Canyon Trail and miss it. Descend and find trail. Hike down to top of Redwall and follow occasional cairns across spooky ravines and rocky slopes. Find Redwall descent easy. Get close to Red Canyon bed by dark and then follow track by moonlight until lost. Spend night on slope in rocks with mosquitoes. Next day, go down to bed and camp by Big Rock, shower in streambed, hike down to see river and back. Hike out next day and lick rocks all the way to the top.

1970 November (3). Geology trip with Joe. Using a large map bought at the visitor center, go down to Horseshoe Mesa and west into Cottonwood looking for spring on map; spring is obsolete. No trail found on west descent, but got down anyway. Overnight in Cottonwood. Next day, go out to spur trail on map and scout for it. Difficult to find. Descend cliff and find trail at base of Tapeats; follow to river and lie around in the sun at the beach. Back to Cottonwood and find trail out next day.

1968 August (10). River trip Lees Ferry to Temple Bar with Cross Tours; one really big boat; Jim Cross is guide. River stops: House Rock, Nautaloid Canyon, Redwall Cavern, Lopers Boat, Nankoweap, Little Colorado, Crash Canyon, Palisades, Elves Chasm. River running is far from routine yet and there are many minor catastrophes and two major ones. But the river is still warm enough to swim in. Plus... we have our own movie film!

1967 June (4). River trip Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch with Cross Tours. Hike out Bright Angel. What fun!

First trip into Grand Canyon. 1962? (3). Hike with Dad and friends, down Bright Angel and along the River Trail to the Black Bridge (no Silver Bridge yet), stay at Bright Angel Campground and hang around Phantom Ranch for a day (swim in the pool). Hike out South Kaibab the third day.


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