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Bob Ribokas' GRAND CANYON Explorer: The best... the most comprehensive Grand Canyon resource. Go here for information on visiting Grand Canyon National Park, hiking reservations, topographic maps, numerous pictures, and much, much more.

Mike Mahanay's Grand Canyon Treks: Extensive historical resource with notes on routes by Harvey Butchart, old photos, early hiking reports, and numerous odd items of interest to Grand Canyon fanatics.

Bob Keller's Grand Hikes: Bob is a hiker with a devotion to Grand Canyon geology. Excellent summary of rock formations and geologic hiking destinations. Includes an extensive links page of resources for all kinds of Grand Canyon info.

Wilderness Vagabond: Rob's trip reports give a valuable impression what to expect on long backpacks to various places below the rim. Both the great number and great variety of hikes all over the western wilderness areas authenticate Wilderness Vagabond. Many recent adventures with friends are focused on the Grand Canyon trail system, with many photos and panoramas. Rob also eats very well on his travels.

Lace Up Your Boots: Sonia explains how and why a French-Canadian from the frozen north becomes a passionate Grand Canyon hiker/adventurer.

Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association: Non-profit organization of hikers. The mission of the Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association is to promote, encourage and advocate the interests of the hiking and backpacking community in the regions of Grand Canyon.

Foodsack: Food raids by critters are common in the most popular camp areas especially near water sources. There are different methods but this steel mesh sack has proven the most secure and most widely adopted by experienced Grand Canyon hikers. Protect your supplies in camp and overnight with this essential backpacking support equipment.

Grand Canyon Discussion Group: Members of this list-group hosted on Yahoo have decades of experience hiking and climbing in the most remote places. From novice to expert, extraordinary to mundane... ask and it will be answered.

NPS Standard Trail/Route Notes: From the Grand Canyon ranger files on each of the more popular trails and routes -- mostly the trails not described in the Rockgarden webpages because we are usually "Off the Trail".

Wikipedia Trails Summary: The essential internet collective wisdom reference. The information in this entry is accurate when this link was reviewed and added, but is subject to change as a continuously modified reference.

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