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Grand Canyon Trip Reports and Photo-sets

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As general recommendation keep in mind that not everything that you find on the internet is factual, not everyone has the same perspective or experience even in the same place at the same time. Many water sources in Grand Canyon are seasonal and unreliable. Trail maps other than USGS surveys should not be used as primary navigation, and photos are occasionally mis-labeled.

Bob Ribokas' GRAND CANYON Explorer: The best... the most comprehensive Grand Canyon resource. Go here for information on visiting Grand Canyon National Park, hiking reservations, topographic maps, numerous pictures, and much, much more.

Bob Marley's Ultimate Grand Canyon Trek: An epic 55 day trek from Diamond Creek to Lee's Ferry. Bob shares his knowledge of backpacking and whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon, and his adventure travel experience to other places around the world.

Down the Trail - the photos and adventures of Jamie Compos: Hiking and best photos of Grand Canyon and the Southwest.

Wilderness Vagabond - Escalante Route

Wilderness Vagabond - Beamer Trail

Lace Up Your Boots: Sonia explains how and why a French-Canadian from the frozen north becomes a passionate Grand Canyon hiker/adventurer.

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