Sixtymile - Grand Canyon Notes

The Perfect Act

There is a little-known relationship between perfection and toilet paper.

Nevertheless, they are connected... for the simple reason that no act so nearly approaches perfection as to do right when no one else is looking. You may not have realized that there is a chance to approach the limit of human perfection every time you need to defecate in the Grand Canyon backcountry.

The rule, as everyone knows, is to pack out your used toilet paper. There is a good reason for it, but it is not an easy thing. There are a few things we can do to make it easier.

  • It is easier if you use the best quality of zip baggie and double-bag it.
  • It is easier if you keep your unused and used tp bagged separately. (You bag the fresh tp so there is no chance it will get wet.)
  • It is easier if you keep a small sponge soaked with ammonia in the used tp baggie.
  • It is easier if you use an alcohol gel hand-cleaner to be sure that you are sanitary again afterward.
  • It's still not easy.

If you do all these things... and bag your tp and carry it out of Grand Canyon... no one else but you will know that you did it.

It's a private thing, and no one else will see, and no one else will know, and no one will be aware that you did right. And so that act of perfection belongs to you.

And even if you discover that you are not perfect and can't manage to do right at every opportunity, redemption is still there... the next time.

And no one else will know.


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