Sixtymile - Grand Canyon Notes

Notes and essays on various subjects related to Grand Canyon hiking.

The traditional way to learn outdoor skills is by example and practice consisting of going with others who have acquired their experience in the same way. By nature, humans seem to learn very little from advice or admonition. Real learning often requires experiencing the consequences of error, near failure, or the observation of failure. This is a detrimental way to acquire knowledge in the Grand Canyon and can be fatal.

These notes and essays may help, or may not help, gaining or perfecting the skills for a pleasant and successful hiking trip. If hiking and backpacking is a new hobby, the best advice of all is to hike with someone who will share their wisdom. But even among those with an accumulation of experience, serious errors will occur on occasion. More often than not, we survive and learn something.

Essential Books - A list and brief review of guidebooks for backcountry hikers.

Essential Maps - Maps are essential, but different ones for different reasons.

About Hazards and Risks.

About the Theory of Mistakes and Bad Luck.

About the Theory of Least Energy.

About Exploring.

About Hiking and Exposure.

About Grand Canyon Rocks.

About Loose Rocks.

About Cameras.

About Murphy's Law.

The Walking Stick.

The Perfect Act.

Who was Robert Benson.


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