Rock Garden

Apache Point — This is the most western end of the contiguous trail system along the south rim. The route goes off the west side of the point, around to the east and descends a steep ravine to the Esplanade. The track along this terrace continues east at the same level to join the South Bass Trail.

Trails — The Apache Point Trail, a rarely used section of old trail, connects Apache Point with the head of the route into Royal Arch Canyon below Point Huitzil and along the Esplanade layer to Bass Canyon. Esplanade west of Apache Point goes to Forster Canyon.

Routes — GCT-I page 47 describes a descent through the Supai cliffs to the Redwall rim and tracking south into Royal Arch. The Esplanade also continues to the west in the direction of Great Thumb, but it is a very long distance to the next water source.

1995 August - Water drop at Apache Point. Point Huitzil Route spotted. Attacked by bees in the woods.

2008 April - Descend from Apache Point to the base of the Coconino cliff for a supply site for the following week loop to Fossil Bay. This supply source becomes critical for an early exit.


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