Rock Garden

Cremation Canyon — The basin east of the South Kaibab Trail is called Cremation Canyon because the Indians used the head of this canyon as a cremation site. The bed is generally dry but a seep spring has been reported above the Tonto Trail crossing. Look for the stone wall of a really big agave pit down the main bed on the west. The geology is a little unusual for the Tonto Platform and a faultline makes a series of ravines cutting across the trail in the slope east of the junction with the South Kaibab. Several other agave roasting pits are along the trail. Trail conditions crossing these ravines are very poor and this same fault structure makes a long and tedious rise to the Kaibab Trail junction.

Trails — South Kaibab Trail, Tonto Trail. East to Lonetree Canyon. West to Pipe Creek and Indian Garden.

Routes — A cross-country shortcut mentioned in GCT-I connects the trail through Cremation Canyon with the South Kaibab at the base of the Redwall switchbacks; this looks to be the slope west of the next ravine west of the main bed.

1987 May - Last camp on Grandview to Kaibab solo; filling in a gap.

2003 April - Hiking with Alessio on the push to make the dinnerbell at Phantom Ranch.


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