Rock Garden

Eminence Break — The fault that forms this break is evident because the surface here is otherwise uniformly flat and the downward thrust to the west creates a distinct plateau with a gap in the cliff north into Tatahatso and south in a line with the Sase Nasket promontory. Road access begins at Cedar Ridge and the way to Eminence is not overly complex except for a tricky spot at the reservoir tank crossing Tatahatso Wash.

Routes — Very steep off-trail descent to President Harding Rapid opposite Point Hansboro — just a very minor downclimb at the start, and somewhat more difficult passing under the limestone fallen arch. Sections of the Supai are tricky to navigate but not really problematic. The final descent through the lower Redwall is a simple but miraculous steep ramp bench and rubble slide to the bottom (complete route details). There is a possibility to go downriver to Saddle Canyon but there are shoreline obstacles along this fairly quiet stretch of the river.

2007 September - Labor Day trip with Chris (two other friends) and his inflatible pack-raft (photo).

2008 March - High Flow experiment hike (photo).


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