Rock Garden

Flint Creek — The eastern fork of the vast Shinumo drainage system. To list any place-name of Grand Canyon my rule is that I have been there sometime. I stood in the gravel of Flint as we discussed options since it was impossible to get past the Shinumo Creek waterfall above here.

Routes — From lower Shinumo Creek up Flint to Point Sublime - a Steck loop hike.

2005 October - We want to get to Modred Abyss - Option A, crawl over the nose and try to get upstream. Option B, up Flint and along the eastside Tonto bench. Option C, go back to White Creek to access the burro trail on the westside Tonto bench. We choose option C.

2015 March - River dayhiking from Bass Crossing to Flint Tapeats spring and back.


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