Rock Garden

Garnet Canyon — The downriver end of the Tonto Trail. Although the trail continues to contour above the Tapeats to the bed of Garnet and beyond, there is a descent route to the bed shortly after the turn into Garnet. The springs in the bed and others nearby are salty, perhaps too salty to drink. A fall at a narrow slot blocks the bed to the river, but I believe the river could be reached going over the upriver slope.

To continue along the river, go down the bed and up the other side just above the first fall. This easy trail reaches the riverbank downriver from the next sidecanyon after passing through some very sharp-toothed travertine boulders. The next sidecanyon after this marks the junction with the Royal Arch Route. To reach Elves Chasm, go upslope at the next ravine downriver and follow the occasionally precarious route above the granite obstacles.

Trails — end of the Tonto Trail.

Routes — continuation for Elves Chasm Route above/along the river.

1991 October - 2nd night of 6 day trip with Danny from South Bass. Critical water along the Tonto was available in a rainpool in the big bay upriver from Garnet. Between here and Garnet we heard the clash of bighorns and soon saw 2 rams, a ewe, and a yearling.

1993 April - Passing through on Royal Arch loop.


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