Rock Garden

Huitzil (Point Huitzil) — Anyone who can locate and complete this rarest of excursions is the most fortunate of hikers. The route is short, challenging, and packed with attractions. From the top: From just south of Pasture Wash ranger cabin go west into the junipers. A road has developed from previous use but is now closed to vehicles. Navigate to the rim just east of where the drainage west of Point Huitzil goes over the rim. Follow the rim north to a crevice and descend. Travel north descending across the slope in the Toroweap to a ravine just before a group of rock towers and a wall. Descend the ravine to the top of the Coconino. Dwelling walls and ruin sites are found at the base of the north wall of the ravine.

Climb down the first layer of Cononino onto a broad shelf (tippy rock steps). Creep out to the edge and look down. Climb into the hole at the edge of the cliff that leads to a passage into the space under the overhang. An authentic Anasazi log ladder provides a descent. At the next level go north behind a standing rock. Along the shelf here are numerous weathered petroglyphs. The slope beyond is a relatively easy descent with many ledges and a few moki steps. At the bottom, turn left and follow the ledge.

Soon comes the crux. The sandstone slopes steeply away toward the cliff and there are no holds, only friction. Below this is more secure, but the route descends a crack with a shrub in the middle. More moki steps are found here and there is exposure below. At the bottom of this, step down onto a slab and follow the ledge to the right, climbing over a few obstacles and leading to an awkward ledge to the top of the slope at the base of the Coconino. Follow the apex of this slope to the Esplanade layer below, where the Apache Point route crosses.

Trails — The Point Huitzil Route enters the Royal Arch basin and accesses the old section of trail connecting Apache Point with Bass Canyon.

1995 September - Abandoned trek to Apache Point and exited by locating the Point Huitzil Route. Finding it may be a bit more certain from the bottom.

1996 March - Water drop at the Esplanade for later Apache Point trek.

2008 April - Descent to Royal Arch for Camp 1 heading downriver to Conquistador Aisle.


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