Rock Garden

Little Nankoweap Canyon — Just upriver from Nankoweap Canyon is the entrance to Little Nankoweap. This is a dead-end canyon but worth the visit. The north arm provides an access that reaches the top of the Redwall with a short climb. There are different reports about the difficulty of this route which probably means there are different routes. Under an overhang on the southside cliff near the beach can be found the remains of an old boat.

Routes — North arm climbing route. The easiest way is not exposed and is considered suitable for backpacker access and connecting with Boundary Ridge and the Mile 50 break. And the upper basin supposedly can be crossed to reach Tilted Mesa and join the trail.

1996 May - AzRA hike from Mile 50 to Little Nankoweap.

1992 October - From Nankoweap Delta to lower Little Nankoweap and up to the barrier in the south arm.


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