Rock Garden

Lonetree Canyon — The cottonwood that was its namesake evidently washed away in an earlier flood, but a large section of root imbedded in the west bank sprouts a new branch. This small canyon has a persistent (but not entirely reliable) spring at the Tonto. The chance for water at the trail crossing is always better here than at Boulder, and if there is nothing coming out in the rock below the trail then there is still a good chance to find a spring farther down. Water sources in this area are variable with the season and year.

Trails — Tonto Trail. East to Boulder Canyon and Grapevine Canyon. Trail departing west to Cremation Canyon is very indistinct.

1987 May - Midday stopover along the Grandview to Kaibab.

2003 April - Camp 3 with Alessio. A long day (14 hours) to get here by sunset. Water flowing very nice and a good stop.


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