Rock Garden

Mineral Canyon — The Tonto Platfrom rises out of the riverbed at Hance Rapid and Granite Gorge begins. The Tonto Trail follows this rise, countours into Mineral Canyon and continues rising to its typical elevation at the rim of Hance Canyon. Mineral Canyon does not connect with the south rim and there are no water sources in this area.

Trails — This is the eastern limit of the Tonto Trail and connects Hance Rapid with Hance Creek. The trail can be indistinct where it comes from Hance Rapid and turns south into the drainage. Here the track splits in two and the lower pathway goes under a ledge along the cliff edge. Just before the ridge that drops into Mineral look for a track going up above the next highest cliff that is easier and faster. This split would be harder to find west-to-east.

Routes - Whether the river can be reached going down the drainage is uncertain.

1979 September - Passing through with Deborah, Hal and Leigh on a fairly hot day.

2003 April - Hiking with Alessio.


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