Rock Garden
  Modred Abyss — This is 1 of 3 possible ways out the upper regions of Shinumo Creek, a really big place with more place-names than any other area of Grand Canyon. Abyss Cave supplies most of the stream flow and travel is generally limited to walking in the water or finding a way higher up either bank. So much water and growth seems uncharacteristic, but provides much natural beauty here. A good camp is located on the bank east of where Modred makes the right-angle bend.

Routes — The Anasazi track from White Creek is the way to get here from the lower Shinumo Creek area. The access to the rim is Elaine Saddle (of Elaine Castle) to Lancelot Point. The last water is at the Muav (typical) and the Redwall is mostly a steep rock jumble with steeper slopes through the Supai to the cliff band of the Esplande layer. Approximately the center provides a safe passage up with assistance from a living tree wedged in a crack at the south of the major sandstone promontory. From the saddle there are at least 2 breaks in the Coconino and a little climbing required there also. The entire area above the Esplanade layer is overgrown with manzanita, which seems to be about the only thing holding things in place.

2005 October - Days 7, 8, 9, 10, starting from Swamp Point.


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