Rock Garden

Monument Canyon — The canyon derives its name from a spectacular column at the west fork formed by Tapeats sandstone stacked on a granite base. A very large sand beach and the impressive Granite Rapid make this a favored campsite. Several iron bedframes were once located on the shelf under the Tapeats in the upper canyon. The route of the Tonto Trail through the canyon differs considerably from the older map, but has recently been updated.

Trails — Tonto Trail. East to Horn Creek Canyon and Indian Garden. West to Hermit Canyon.

Routes — The side-trail to the rapids is an easy hike, going down directly from the base of the Monument. It can also be fun to scramble through the granite narrows along the bed.

1980 November - Second night campsite of three-day Bright Angel to Hermit hike with Hal. We met a fellow hiking the Tonto in flipflops.

2006 April - Case family loop, night 2.


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