Rock Garden

Mystic Falls — Possibly also known as Woolsey Falls; located in upper Nankoweap below Woolsey Butte. This is not an easy place to get to because of the distance upstream from where Tilted Mesa Trail joins the creek. This is a really pleasant place with lush growth, and a strong and consistent flow from a fairly high falls. Dwelling sites and granaries can be found here also.

See notes on Exploration of Nankoweap Canyon.

Routes — Downstream to the Nankoweap Creek area. The so-called "Freefall" route (GCLH-I) goes down between Marion and Seiber (see Marion/Seiber Route).

1992 October - First exploration of Nankoweap, during 7 day trip with Danny. Going up to the falls from camp below Seiber Point, climbing up next to the falls and locating ruins, continuing up the drainage to another spring at an obstacle in the Muav.

1998 May - Quick visit to Mystic Falls; stream flowing strong all the way. Camp 10 in the Marion/Seiber bed; big lion print below Seiber Point. Exit Marion/Seiber.

2007 September - Day 2 excursion with Chris F. and continue to Butte Fault. Possibly locating an alternate grainery site on the opposite wall.

2012 October - Stopover on the way to Kolb Arch. Streams flowing well everywhere.


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