Rock Garden

Royal Arch Canyon — The lower section of this canyon is known as Elves Chasm. The upper section can be reached from the rim or by traveling west along the Esplanade from Bass Trail. This may be the best Redwall and Temple Butte narrows on the south side. There are two obstacles in the narrows before reaching the spring just above the Arch. The Arch and adjacent tower are quite a sight, as is the dropoff just below into Elves Chasm.

Routes — The disused Apache Point Trail goes from Bass Canyon to Apache Point. The Royal Arch Route descends from the Apache Point Trail, this demanding off-trail route involves an exposed traverse in the upper basin and a rappel descent from the travertine, and reaches the river where it joins an extension of the Tonto Trail (see Elves Chasm and Garnet Canyon). Point Huitzil Route: amazing and exposed.

1993 April - Completion of the Royal Arch loop from Bass trailhead.

1995 September - Abandoned attempt to reach Apache Point due to heat and lack of water along the Esplanade. See Point Huitzil.


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