Rock Garden

Thunder River — Thunder River roars out of the mouth of two openings in the Muav cliff and flows through lush vegetation in a steep cascade to Tapeats Creek. Thunder River, within Tapeats Canyon, is a place within a place. Above is the scorching desert landscape of Surprise Valley and the Thunder River Esplanade. Below, a narrow valley and a rushing creek. This is a good place to hide from the heat in summer, but covering the full distance in or out in a single day is a lengthy trek.

Trails — Thunder River Trail connects Tapeats Canyon to the rim and Surprise Valley Trail to Deer Creek. The Bill Hall Trail is shorter and has become the principle access to Thunder River, but the more traditional, older trail is very pleasant.

2000 September - Thunder River / Deer Creek loop with Alessio from Italy. A really nice trip which closed the last piece missing between mile 52 and mile 144. Hiked in Thunder River and out Bill Hall; cross-country to connect between trailheads.


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