Rock Garden

Boulder Narrows — This place is interesting to hikers because of a loop connecting Houserock Rapid to this location, and with a break in the west rim just downriver. The big rock obstructing about half the normal river width is something to see — a small pile of driftwood on top shows what high water is like.

Routes — Connects with Houserock Rapid along the rightside riverbank without any trouble. Going to the rim: downriver to the next side-drainage, secure adequate water reserves for the season and be prepared for a difficult ascent. Approach from the downriver area of the beach and go up the center of the drainage to the first headwall and make a short/easy climb on the south keeping to the downriver slope. Continue ascending a secure rocky boulder jumble to the embedded boulder headwall. Climb up to the right with extreme caution and move left to get above the adjacent cliff. Go up a layer onto a good shelf in the Supai and track south. Ascend the lower slope and travel south crossing low in a major slide ravine to the next ridgeline — this crossover is extremely important as the nearer slope is isolated at the top. Ascending the correct ridge goes to the base of the Cononino cliff just above a very large rock at the the top of this slope. Here, sign of trail construction shows going left — several places require some climbing although trail improvement and a series of distinct switchbacks show the route has been developed. Just before the big ramp up through the top cliff, go north to find a broad grassy swale with an exit break through the cliff at the far end.

2009 October - Descend Nims route, overnight at the river, downriver and out at mile-19.


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