Rock Garden

Bright Angel Camp — The most common destination for Grand Canyon hikers. BA Camp has benches, indoor toilets, and tapwater. Snacks, beer and even full meals (reservations limited) are available to hikers at Phantom Ranch.

Trails — Options to reach the campground are Bright Angel Trail and more direct South Kaibab Trail. Continue north along the creek through a section of very deep granite gorge to Cottonwood Camp and the North Rim.

Routes — See Bright Angel Canyon.

2002 June - My first overnight stay at the campground since my very first hike into Grand Canyon at age 12, passing through many times but not staying.

2003 December - Nights 1 and 6 of the Haunted Cattle Adventure.

2015 April - Passing thru here to meet Jamie at 94-Mile, but meeting at BA Site 1 May 1 at 15:30. After a brief touch of civilization at the PR Cantina and a Ramen diner, Jamie and Haley start for the rim at 18:00 but I am still not recovered from my 05:45 trek back from Trinity. Another couple of hours rehydrating and then I can get moving at 20:00. What a night!! Full moon up mostly hiking with natural light and cool air but sooo slow, topping out at 04:00, and after a nap, then shower and El Tovar breakfast with Jamie and Haley. If this does not provide proof of insanity then I am not sure what else could.


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