Rock Garden

Burro Canyon — One explanation for this name connects the place with Captain Burro of Supai Village, a contemporary of W.W. Bass, but no direct evidence supports this. Probably, someone should have asked Bass or Bill Waltenburg. Perhaps they kept burros in this natural corral with a quick access from Shinumo Camp. This is a lower branch of the extensive Shinumo Creek system. Access into the drainage from Shinumo Creek seems it should be easy enough, but there is a big pouroff dividing the drainage, and the route of the Waltenburg Trail starts well up the creek from here (see Shinumo Canyon). Almost nothing of the trail remains and the area is very desolate. If you could go up through the cliffs to the east, you would have a direct route along the rim into White Creek, but probably more of a curiosity than useful.

Routes — The remains of the old Waltenberg Trail connect Shinumo Canyon to Hakatai Canyon.

1990 September - The Circumambulation: from Hakatai to Shinumo, day 9. 

2004 October - Stopover after turning back from Hakatai. Useful trickle of water and a big rock basin in the drainage leading west. Bighorns are here.

2005 October - Repeat trip to Hakatai - photo-document and identify trail sections.


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