Rock Garden

Haunted Canyon — This tributary to Phantom Canyon supplies a substantial flow of water into Phantom and Bright Angel. Travel is not easy due to heavy streamside growth. Makes a good full-day excursion from Phantom.

Interesting to note how much the stream course has been relocated since the 7.5min survey. There was a major flood through here in September 1997 that washed 3 hikers out of lower Phantom killing 2. Author Craig Childs recorded the experience of the survivor in astonishing detail that reminds us to avoid narrow places when there is flood risk. The plateau to the north brings a lot of water into this area and things can get moved around from one season to the next.

Enter from the east bank at the junction and quickly encounter deep erosion that cuts old tracks along the bank. Stay mostly on the east side until several large boulders push the banks together. Cross over and up onto the slope above the west bank upstream of a house-sized Redwall block. Travel is more rapid across these slopes until a side ravine cuts through. Descend to the stream and continue, following a dry section of bed on the east and over a boulder-field to the flow from the spring. Push through the brush and step over the stream into the dry upper bed. Typical streambed walking until an easy climb up the lower Redwall layers into the final basin. A spectacular and remote place to visit. Estimate 3.5 hours each way.

Routes — The Redwall rim is only about 70 feet up the headwall and looks climbable, but not suitable as a hiking route, so this is a round-trip excursion from Phantom Canyon.

1995 April - Scouting from Phantom campsite but not very far due to difficult travel.

2003 December - Dayhike from Phantom overhang campsite at 3860 foot contour to the ending Redwall bay and back. Lion track descending the streambed from the headwall and passing my campsite.


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