Rock Garden

Ninetyfour-Mile Canyon — The geologic detail of this place is quite interesting with numerous different rock types represented. The bed has many places with cemented gravel in travertine slabs and small pouroffs where these layers are undermined, but most of the bed is an easy walk. Shiny black schist covers either slope of the lower bed, but the upper parts are filled with sections of rock in combinations of intense colors of yellow, red, and purple. If water is flowing here it can be strongly alkali or saturated with travertine, but there is also a possibility of better water from any springs off the side.

Routes — Part of the Crystal/Phantom Loop in GCLH-I. Upriver to Trinity Canyon; downriver to Crystal Canyon. For the route upriver, look for a way up from the streambed onto a broad bench above the river to the east and follow this as far as possible to enter the ascent ravine to the Tonto. Curiously, the way this route is drawn in the GCLH-I edition is correct, but the map in the newer combined Loop Hikes edition is far off it, since the route follows the exact center of this fault ravine. Always rely on route descriptions in favor over any map source. This is a clear access climbing over many large boulders to the top with just a few minor obstacles easily bypassed. An Anasazi site, perhaps a sentinel post, is at the top of the west slope under the cliff. The direct route downriver ascends the slope from the riverbank to a small bay near the point overlooking the river; from here, climb a series of ladder-ledges in a narrow crack system with sufficient security, but quite a difficult place to get a pack up or down. The alternate way is to follow the bed upstream to a ridge projecting from the west where the bed changes direction. Ascend the southside ravine of this ridge going up a long way to the saddle of the ridge, and then up onto the Tapeats. All these routes are wilderness category with very little to show the way.

2004 November - West to east. Downclimbed the direct route from the west, but then going to the upper canyon access for travel. Stopover for Camp 7 in the bed above the lowest small pouroff; a forced stop for darkness.

2015 April - Out from Bright Angel with Haley to meet Jamie Compos on the last of 34 days from Pearce Ferry. Timing did not quite match, as I returned to Trinity and BA while Haley took a river ride to Hermit and out, but we did all come together at BA Site 1 the next day.


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