Rock Garden

Ribbon Falls — A garden spot in Bright Angel Canyon halfway to Phantom Ranch; it is well worth the few minutes from the trail. A cascade of water splashes onto the top of a travertine formation and life abounds. Climb up on the ledge behind the falls to view the pools and plants on top of the travertine column, but STAY OFF VEGETATION. Just upstream after crossing the bridge to go to the lower falls there is a steep track up the slope to the upper falls area; rarely visited except by the locals. Also reachable going higher still is the upper-upper falls.

Trails — North Kiabab thorougfare for Bright Angel Canyon. Cottonwood Camp upstream; Phantom Ranch downstream.

Routes — A short distance downstream a slope on the west gives access to the Tonto bench. From here, one can follow the Tapeats rim and continue into Phantom Canyon.

1983 June - Stopped here with Deborah on the way to Phantom Ranch and the South Rim. North Rim temperature in the morning was about 35°; when we reached Ribbon Falls it was over 90°.

1999 May - Short break on rim-to-rim.

2004 April - To Upper Ribbon Falls and beyond.


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