Rock Garden

Zoraster Canyon — The Clear Creek trail passes through Zoroaster Canyon as it enters the Clear Creek Basin. The name is geologically associated with the pink Zoroaster Granite and there is a dramatic cliff of it in the narrow gorge downriver.

Trails — The Clear Creek Trail connects Bright Angel Canyon to upper Clear Creek.

Routes — A steep and slidy off-trail route connects Zoroaster Canyon with lower Clear Creek. This is as steep as anything most people would do with a pack and the exact route to reach the ridgeline is not completely obvious. The route follows below the Tapeats cliff and enters Zoroaster Canyon above a pouroff. To reach the bed of Zoroaster from here requires a minor downclimb. The CC Trail can be accessed going west up the next ravine. The bed is also a pleasant walk to where the trail crosses.

1995 October - Checked lower Zoroaster. Returned to CC Trail through the Tapeats by climbing up from lower Clear Creek.

1996 April - Another check of lower section. Several major drops in the bed; not passable without climbing.

1998 May - Just passing through. And again, 2003 Apr, 2005 Nov, 2006 Dec.


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