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Bridge of Sighs at Marble Canyon Mile 35.5 - Mar 2012

Taking a rest at the riverbank camp, late in the day the sun briefly shines through the arch onto the water. Elsworth Kolb: "Then came a gloomy, prison-like formation, with a 'Bridge of Sighs' two hundred feet above a gulch, connecting the dungeon to the perpendicular wall."
Grandview Trail - Mar 2011

This impressive log crib and rock trailbed section through the Coconino cliff is original construction matching an early photo from the Pete Berry mining period, with inset image of the same place from the Grand Canyon NPS historical photo archive. The tree seems to be integral support for the trail and doing quite well today.
Rock-Mat - Oct 2010

From the 'almost-a-trail' section in the upper Redwall of Marion/Seiber Route at the head of Nankoweap. My favorite Grand Canyon plant Rock-Mat or Mat Rockspirea seems in need of a better, more appreciative name -- and more respect as well. Found mostly in the western mountainous regions, its form here appears quite different from other places. It seems to prefer Redwall limestone crevices over any other place and can grow to cover a relatively large area for such a small-scale plant. The waxy leaves interlock to form a protected space underneath that provides a self-sustaining and protected local habitat by retaining water and collecting nutrients.
Nankoweap Mesa Trophy View - Oct 2010

A composite photo-view from the top of Nankoweap Mesa is well worth the effort to get up here and this one is looking west across the valley to the North Rim. Nankoweap Butte is the bump in the left mid-ground just behind Butte Fault ridge and with the access to cross the upturned Redwall on the faultline also visible. The horizon is Walhalla Plateau with Mount Hayden and Point Imperial right of center. Saddle Mountain makes the skyline at the far right.
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