Rock Garden

Awatubi Canyon — There is no access up this canyon from the river, but it makes a good camp with a pleasant riverbank and beach area.

Routes — west riverbank route from Nankoweap to Little Colorado. Boulder-hopping along the west bank.

Horsethief Butte Fault Route. This is the least elevation through here, but the slopes from north and south ravine saddles can be rugged. The limestone (east) slopes offer slightly better footing although sign of any trace of travel is very faint. On the west side of the lower slope of the north ravine an old galvanized coffeepot can be found near the track. Blackbrush is very dense through the Butte Fault basin. North to Malgosa, south to Sixtymile.

1994 April - Passing through toward Kwagunt.

1998 May - Camp 8 on Bright Angel to Saddle Mountain.

2007 September - Crux day of Quest for Barbwire on the Butte Fault Route.


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