Rock Garden

Malgosa Canyon — Malgosa is downriver from Kwagunt and reported to go through to the Butte Fault, although there is at least one obstacle to bypass. Look for a game-trail reported above the Muav on the south slope that gives access to the Redwall narrows. The area at the river is quite brushy and the drainage appears narrow.

Routes — west riverbank route from Nankoweap to Little Colorado. Boulder-hopping from Malgosa to Kwagunt is not one of the easy sections along the river. Access from the Butte Fault could be useful if abandoning the Horsethief Route in need of water

This is the most difficult segment of the Butte Fault Route due to a combination of rugged terrain, major elevation, and no water. North to Kwagunt, south to Awatubi.

1994 April - Passing through toward Kwagunt.

1998 May - Passing through in the early AM toward Kwagunt. Duck nest wreckage and tell-tale coyote track.

2007 September - Ascend from Kwagunt to cross at the western end of the ridge (not at the Butte Saddle) and then down to the joining of arms and up the Butte Fault fork to the broad saddle at Kwagunt Butte.


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