Rock Garden

Boucher Canyon — Onetime residence of the hermit, Louis Boucher; he was the only White man to establish a permanent home within Grand Canyon. The remains of his rock cabin walls and chimney can be found on the northeast bank where the trail enters the streambed from the east, and there is a prospecting hole in the wall a little further north. The mine apparently had no purpose other than to justify keeping house here. There is a beautiful dripping spring on the wall near the cabin site and the stream runs year-round. The streambed is an easy walk to an impressive view of the rapid.

Down the Boucher Trail and out the Hermit makes for an excellent loop-hike. The Boucher rates as one of the more spectacular trails, staying on top of the Esplanade layer all the way around Yuma Point, dropping steeply through the Supai to the top of the Redwall, across the top of Whites Butte and then going down another steep ravine through the Redwall to join the Tonto Trail near the top of the Tapeats.

Trails — western Tonto Trail, Boucher Trail connecting with Dripping Spring. Makes a nice loop via Travertine Canyon to Hermit Canyon. Boucher is a rugged trail and a long distance to make from the rim to the creek in just one day. This trail is sometimes described as "exposed" but in fact is very rarely so close to a drop as to pose any risk. The descent route through the Supai is very deteriorated but completely passable. From Boucher Camp the West Tonto continues to Slate Canyon.

1989 November - Day 6, Bass to Boucher and on to Hermit with Luis and Nancy.

1992 September - End of day 1 down Boucher with CAz Backpackers. Water in rain-basins at Yuma Point. Two rattlesnakes, one at Boucher Spring and another ending the loop at Dripping Spring.

2003 October - Camp 1 going to Slate with visit to Boucher Rapid, and passing back through the day after encountering an obstacle in upper Slate Creek.


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