Rock Garden

Dripping Spring — The spring is tucked under a Coconino sandstone ledge — atypical for a spring — midway between the rim and the track of the Boucher Trail along the Supai. As the name hints, there is not much water here, but it seems reliable. This is an alternate, but more remote access to the Boucher Trail.

Trails — Access to the Boucher Trail from the rim and continuing north to a superb view of Granite Rapid and on to reach Boucher Canyon. A connecting trail heads Hermit Canyon to join with the Hermit Trail. These trails follow a narrow track along a bench in the Supai layer closely following the canyon rim; views are spectacular throughout.

1992 September - Start and end of Boucher / Hermit loop. Rattlesnake lurking at the spring on the way out.

2003 October - Exit in retreat from attempt going up Slate Creek to Jicarilla Point. Start from midway between Slate and Boucher at 5AM and top the rim at 4:30PM. Dripping Spring Trail to the spring is clear and easy, but from the spring to the rim is severely overgrown and the steeper parts of the Coconino are broken up.


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