Rock Garden

Deer Creek — This is another popular river stop and groups often spend a lot of time here. The narrows cut deeply into the Tapeats sandstone and come directly out of the rock 80 feet above the river. This place has experienced some drastic events in recent time. In 1994 a fire burned out most of the large cottonwoods. In 2000(?) a flash flood tore through, obliterating the camp areas and killing the famous redbud tree in the narrows, and a recent rockfall covered a section of the "patio". The boulders at river level have also been rearranged, as can be seen by comparing with recent rephotography work. Extensive Anasazi dwelling sites are located on the west slope of the valley. One of these seems very defensive in design. The correct place-name for upper Deer Creek is Surprise Valley (name origin).

Routes — A route connects the valley with the mouth of Tapeats Creek going above the Granite Gorge and along the riverbank. This passes over the saddle to the east. At the mouth of Deer Creek a route going downriver goes to Kanab Creek. A route to the rim goes west from the valley through a slump depression and up through a Redwall break to Cranberry Canyon. See Kanab Loop trip.

1995 September - Camp 4 of Kanab Loop. Cool weather.

2000 September - Camp two nights with Alessio from Italy. Explore upper Redwall gorge and hang out in the narrows. Peaceful days, but the mice are the worst plague at night... nibbling ears and toes.

2005 April - Dayhike loop from Tapeats (Cove Camp).


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