Rock Garden

Kanab Canyon — One of the largest drainages into Grand Canyon. An easy walk with ample water and lots of interesting features. The initial impression is that these places were too remote to be known among hikers until recent times, but an article in Arizona Highways, July 1964, by Rosalie and Melvin Goldman shows otherwise. This resourceful couple, with friend and guide, Kent Frost, traveled 35 miles of Kanab, and then to Deer Creek and Thunder River, and back, sustaining themselves much of the time on the fish they caught.

1995 September - Two days passing through from Indian Hollow and going upriver to Deer Creek. See Kanab Loop report.

2006 October - Enter and exit from the west rim. Explore Scottys Hollow and petroglyphs in west side-canyons. Overnight under a good ledge in the rain at the Anasazi cowboy camp on the Esplanade. Escape just before the floods.


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