Rock Garden

Escalante Canyon — Namesake of the Escalante Route from Tanner to Red Canyon. The canyon has two distinct arms that join near the river. Only the western arm is passable and even here the route leaves the bed to bypass a 200 foot fall. Further up, a 10 foot fall from the east is an easy clamber to the slope dividing the two arms. Then the route passes through the upper part of the east arm and continues either up toward "Butchart Gap" in the Tapeats (very steep and loose, sleeps 5 maximum), or northward up to the slope overlooking the river. On the east side below Butchart Gap are several large campsites and hollows in the top of boulders that sometimes hold rainpools. Water in the upper bed may be found in a wet year; there is a hint of a spring up the bed from the 10 foot fall to exit/join the bed.

Routes — Key passage for the Escalante Route; Unkar upriver, Seventyfive-Mile downriver. Another option upriver is to follow the bank, climbing over a ridge of rock at the next bend. At very, very low river flow it is possible to continue below the Unkar cliff, but there is a ravine that gives access to go up and rejoin the Escalante Route.

1985 May - Third night of four at the beach with Hal and Dad. Fish were sighted in the cove below the rapid, but none caught.

1990 November - Passing through with Danny on the Escalante.

1993 October - CABA Escalante group hike.

2019 October - 4th Escalante Route.


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