Rock Garden

Horseshoe Mesa — An altogether too popular objective for the novice explorer reached from Grandview Point. There are three trails leaving the mesa. The one off the north end is little-used. The east trail leaves the mesa at the very first bay and descends rapidly into Hance Canyon; the most accessible water can be found at Miners (or Page) Spring and the mine works are well developed. The west trail starts either in the south branch of the break as mapped, or at the opposing end, near the unmapped cabin site (new map).

The east-side route starts down right from the filled-in mineshaft at the neck of the mesa. The first section has become progressively more seriously eroded. The trail passes through a section of tailings from the horzontal shaft that goes deep into the cliff. Further down, a fork in the trail goes to Page Spring (or Miners Spring) and continues to reach the bed of Hance Creek.

Trails — Grandview Trail. There are more trails and routes in this vicinity than anyplace in the Canyon (see Hance Creek and Cottonwood Creek).

1970 November - Hike with Joe to the inner gorge - my 1st time hiking here on my own.

1979 September - Third night with Deborah, Hal and Leigh prior to hiking out.

1981 March - Hike with Hal and his brother & girlfriend to the inner gorge; a bad trip due to rain and lack of shelter.

1984 June - On the way to Hance and back.

1988 October - Day hike to tip of east ridge with friend Jose from Spain.

1999 October - Passing through to Cottonwood solo.


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