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Hance Creek — (For Hance Trail see Red Canyon.) One of the larger of the southern drainages. Water is always found running in the Tapeats at or below where the trail crosses. The Tonto Trail on the east wall of the canyon seems to have been rerouted by the burros rather close to the cliff edge, and it is an awesome drop indeed.

It's a tiring but worthwhile day's trip down to the River and back. Harvey B. describes three required excursions out of the bed, but I found only two. The first a short detour to the east, and the second just beyond it, a long and rocky climb to the west. Each one goes around a high and utterly impassable granite fall that can be visited by going up from below. In the lower section there is some minor climbing and near the River a chockstone blocks the bed. Bypassing to the west leads to the small beach at the river.

Trails — The Tonto Trail passes through and the east Grandview comes from Horseshoe Mesa and the rim at Grandview Point. On the other side of Horseshoe Mesa is is Cottonwood Creek, the next drainage downriver; the next location upriver is Mineral Canyon.

Routes — There is a good route to the bed of Hance from the Tonto Trail on the west side. At the point on the west above the mouth is an old mining trail; the upper part is constructed; the route to the bed is very steep and loose. There are Redwall breaks in the east fork and the upper west arm also. One of the oldest routes into the Canyon goes down the drainage east of Sinking Ship. There is almost nothing left of the Old Hance or "Old Trail" as it was called by G.W. James, the first to write extensively about foot travel in the Canyon. See Old Hance Trail Route.

1979 September - Second night stopover with Deborah, Hal and Leigh after getting parched in Mineral Canyon. Arrived at the stream just at nightfall.

1984 June - First and second nights and trip to the river and back with Dave, Dad and his friend Doug.

1998 April - Old Trail to Grandview Point day-hike with Bill and Nancy; a long trip (10 hours).

1999 October - Last day of fun loop going upstream solo; a long walk back to Grandview Point from the top.

2000 May - Off-trail Grandview Circuit. Locate miners trail and descend. Overnight in Hance Creek narrows. Haul backpacks up over bypasses to Tonto crossing and on to the old cabin and corral site. Exit up Old Trail. Five of eight finish.

2003 April - Day 2 hiking with Alessio from Red Canyon.

2005 December - Scouting the upper trail sections.

2011 March - Overnight stop from Grandview to Hance Rapid exploring Asbestos and Vishnu


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