Rock Garden

Muav Canyon — This branch of Shinumo Canyon through which White Creek flows is named Muav Canyon and is the geologic namesite for the Muav limestone formation. There is a spring east of Powell Saddle at the base of the Coconino. Below here, the trail descends with extreme steepness and then follows the bed to the Redwall dropoff. The next section goes across some brushy slopes and with steep tracks through 3 drainages and is tedious but well used now. The Redwall descent is dramatic and unusual, and still in respectable condition. The fall in the Muav ledges a little downstream from the base of the Redwall is a nice spot with reliable water. Here the mapped trail goes southwest for a bypass, but it is easy to climb down along the west wall. Continue down the bed (mostly) to the top of the Tapeats. The defined trail mapped through lower Muav Canyon may be misleading. I was always looking for a fast track, but mostly followed the bed, and everyone was having trouble finding the bypasses. There is supposed to be a cabin site somewhere along the east bank. The current popular route down White Creek is cool and picturesque.

Trails — North Bass Trail. The original trail leaves Muav Canyon to the southwest before the drop into White Creek and some trail guides still refer to this section. Signs of the trail still exist going up through some Tapeats ledges, but above this it disappears and now seems completely abandoned by hikers.

Routes — The Bright Angel layer goes east around Holy Grail into Merlin Abyss. Alternate route to trail descends White Creek.

1990 October - End of trip around Powell with George S. and cohort. Camp at Muav ledges.

2004 October - Overnight stop below Muav Spring. Looking for lower section of the original trail and found abandoned.


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