Rock Garden

White Creek — The lower part of the creek is an alternate route along the North Bass Trail from the Tonto level into Shinumo Creek. At the upper end the stream cuts a deep crevice in the Tapeats layer with a couple of boulders wedged 50 feet overhead. The Kolb brothers photographed this place and apparently it was an attraction for early visitors to the area. Following the tiny stream through this lush and intimate byway is time well spent.

Trails — The North Bass Trail follows White Creek most of the way through Muav Canyon. The section through the lower gorge below the Tapeats was an alternate but became the primary, and the original trail along the south rim of the White Creek gorge seemed abandoned and useless until a major trail re-build in 2005. Restored to the original historic path south along the Tapeats rim, this may be the faster way to reach Shinumo Camp but some very hot and barren Dox slopes to cross to get there.

Routes — The minor nameless side-canyon downstream from Redwall Canyon gives an access up onto the Tonto bench, then, going east, the track eventually shows. A pile of burro droppings under the cliff shows this was regular spot for them, but the original trail-builders must have been the Anasazi dwellers with locations at each end of this track. This track reaches the stream again where Shinumo Creek divides into Merlin Abyss and Modred Abyss — both allow access out to the north.

1990 October - End of trip around Powell with George S. and cohort.

2004 October - Going down with Danny and Gene.

2005 October - Discover access to the westside Tonto burro trail. Last season rainfall and spring runoff have altered the streambed making travel slower and more difficult to get past obstacles.



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