Rock Garden

Palisades Canyon — An immense and popular beach here can be reached in an hour's walk upriver from Tanner Rapid. It is easiest to follow the bank below the red cliff just downstream from the beach area. A block perched high on the cliff near the sidecanyon looks like it may fall any century now. Palisades Canyon is worth exploring and mining activity is in evidence; the ruins of a small cabin can be found a few hundred yards from the river.

If the river could be crossed at this point, the valleys on the opposite shores hold fascinating secrets. It was evidently possible to swim horses across at low water, before the dams. A good way for hikers to make the connection is to follow the Beamer Trail up the base of the Tapeats -- follow the drainage down to the riverbank. A motor trip could pick up a hiker here, but oars may have more trouble crossing the current. For the optimal ferry beach, continue up along the riverbank to the next point upriver, which is just at the tail of Carbon Rapid. This is an obvious place for a hiker to get attention and an easy shallow beach with no current on the shore. Float downriver and land at the upper end of Lava Canyon beach-camp.

Trails — The route through this area is known as the Beamer Trail and connects the beach at Tanner Creek with the Little Colorado confluence. There is a section of trail, possibly used by Tanner or Beamer during flood, that goes up above the cliff immediately downriver from Palisades beach. This route is not only less secure but adds needless elevation and contouring, and so this upper route should be avoided.

1980 December - First land route visit with Hal.

1983 December - Stayed second and third nights here with Dad. Went on to the Little Colorado and back the third day.

1994 April - Lunch 1 of day 2 Tanner to Nankoweap, Little Colorado Crossing trip.

2007 April - Ferry crossing to Lava Canyon.


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