Rock Garden

Tanner Canyon — A relatively easy but long and dry trail leads from the east side of Lipan Point to Tanner Rapid. The view from the northern tip of Cardenas Butte just before descending the Redwall is one of my favorites. An unexpected campsite is located along the trail at the 3800 foot line. If there is anything interesting in the canyon itself, I don't know of it. The sand dunes at Tanner Rapid are lovely but the pocket mice dwelling therein are merciless. The River is slow and deep here and should be good fishing.

A shortcut downriver to the Escalante Route may be appealing. At the 3600 foot level follow the slope around to the saddle and go down the crest of the ridge east to where the mouth of the next drainage joins the route along the river. The slopes here are smooth and easier than the trail.

The only "lost treasure" story I have heard is associated with Tanner Canyon. According to the story, a heap of gold nuggets is hidden behind a seasonal waterfall.

Trails — Tanner Trail. Beamer Trail upriver to the Palisades area and on to the Little Colorado junction. Escalante Route goes downriver.

Routes — Upper Tanner passing below Desert View.

1980 December - First visit here with Hal on a three day trip. We were restless in the middle of the night and strolled by full moon to the end of the sand/rock bar and back.

1983 December - Passed through on the way to Palisades with Dad, spending first and fourth nights at Cardenas Butte.

1985 May - Spent first night of Escalante Route at Tanner Rapid with Dad and Hal. Slight heat exhaustion during hike down; OK in the morning.

1990 November - Passing through with Danny on the Escalante; overnight at 3800 foot camp.

1993 October - CABA Escalante group hike.

1994 April - Trip start to Camp 1 at Commanche Creek on the river.

2007 April - Out and back for the Lava Crossing and exploring the Carbon Creek forks and Butte Fault.

2007 October - Exit for Quest for Barbwire.

2019 October - 4th Escalante Route.


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