Rock Garden

Ruby Canyon — One of the major canyons along the Tonto Trail between Bass and Hermit. Several large potholes in the Tapeats make it a likely spot for rainwater. There are also numerous potholes below the Tapeats and at least two ways into the upper part of the lower canyon from the west side. At one of these there is an ancient looking step made of a block of sandstone resting on another of limestone. Although it is possible to reach the river, there are two dropoffs and the best way around them seems to be climbing out of the canyon at the first fall, following a bench across the slope and returning to the bed below the second fall. The Tonto route leaving upriver is easily lost and not consistent with the map; it passes below a Tapeats cliff near the lip of the canyon.

Trails — Tonto Trail (West Tonto). West goes to Serpentine Canyon and then Bass Canyon connecting with Bass Trail. East to Turquoise Canyon, Slate Canyon and then Boucher Canyon.

1989 November - Midday trip of 5 hours duration from Tonto to river and back for water with Luis. We detoured high to the west to avoid the falls and cliffs. A dip in the chilly river was a relief.


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