Rock Garden

South Canyon — One of few river accesses to the river in Marble Canyon from the north (in this case west) side. The descent route leaves the rim just east of the Buffalo Ranch and goes down a very steep track to the bed. Follow the bed with a few minor bypasses until the pouroff at the junction with Bedrock. The pouroff is bypassed on the south, returns to the bed for a short distance and then changes to the north side above the Redwall. A steep descent north of the point allows access to the beach, Stantons Cave, and Vaseys Paradise. A number of Anasazi sites are located along a bench in the Redwall upriver. There is a very pleasant beach here and this is a popular fishing spot.

Routes — Interesting off-trail route gives access to the river from the Buffalo Ranch. The route down to the bed is very steep but relatively safe for an off-trail track. An alternate, shorter route descends from the head of Bedrock Canyon; this is much steeper and involves several short climbs. It is possible to follow the Redwall rim south and go over into Saddle Canyon connecting with Boundary Ridge or the Tilted Mesa Trail in Nankoweap Canyon.

1995 November - Thanksgiving Day trip with Dad. Cold nights and windy down in the canyon. Rocks are sometimes blown off the rim of the canyon.

2009 September - Another 3-day excursion and visit to Vaseys Paradise spring. Major rockfall from the rim just after passing through upper canyon from the Buffalo Ranch trailhead.


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