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Boundary Ridge — The name comes from the fact that this was originally the northeastern boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. The end of Boundary Ridge can be reached by following Trail 31 from the bed of Saddle Canyon to the end and continuing east. This trail goes up and down through drainages and over the divides between them and is really taxing and tiresome. The trail then disappears in the trees on the plateau and navigation becomes problematic until the slope opens out at the fault crossing the point. The view to the south on Nankoweap delta and downriver just may be the best anywhere in Grand Canyon, but it wouldn't win in a contest because very few have ever seen it. The upper part of the descent route is found at the extreme end of Boundary Ridge in the very last bay on the north side of the point. There are three nuisance obstacles to be climbed, and boulders fill the lower part before reaching the base of the Coconino ravine. The slope is very steep and would be very difficult with packs. Follow the Esplanade cliff east to the saddle and pass north of the Esplanade butte to join the river hiking track. The descent through the Redwall is not too extreme if the right way is found. It leaves the bed to the east just below a small pouroff, follows the edge of the cliff, downclimbs into a crevice, and crosses the base of another to reach the Muav talus. The riverbank can be traveled in either direction.

Routes — Trail 31; Boundary Ridge Route connecting to the riverbank at a Redwall break near Mile 50. At the river, routes go upriver to Saddle Canyon or downriver to Little Nankoweap. The Mile 50 break is an essential access for return to the river when traveling downriver from South Canyon. For details of routes through Marble Canyon see GCLH-II. Going to the south from the Esplanade saddle connects with a route through the north arm of Little Nankoweap.

1996 May — AzRA hike from Mile 50 to Little Nankoweap.

1997 November - Initial 3-day exploration from the top after coming in by Trail 31 from Saddle Mountain trailhead. The intent was to reach the river and return in a single day, but with scouting the route and moving a group of several hikers it could not be done.

2009 April - Intending to descend and go upriver to Saddle Canyon, but a little too hot, a little too heavy, a little too far, a little too rough. Nice view of course.


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