Rock Garden

Sumner Wash — When the arms of Zoroaster reach out to embrace you -- not identified on the map, but by custom the large drainage southwest from Zoroaster Canyon. This is the first legal camp east of Bright Angel Canyon on the Clear Creek Trail and it is entirely practical to get here from the south rim for the first night or to make this the last camp on the return, which avoids competition for spots at Bright Angel Campground.

Routes and Info — See Clear Creek.

Numerous transient camps passing through this area on past hikes.

2003 April - Last camp of the 10-day trip with Alessio by the big the limestone chunks near the top of the east slope. This is a very nice spot with a wonderfull view.

2005 November - First camp on the way to Clear Creek and Brahma/Deva Route.

2006 December - Locate Sumner Wash arch site on the way back to Bright Angel Camp.


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