Rock Garden

Boulder Canyon — Not much here to make a stop but a big area hidden from south rim viewpoints by spectacular Redwall cliffs. There seems to be very little sign of regular use, but a small campsite can be found in the next minor drainage west, but no obvious water source. The bed of Boulder Creek has always been empty and dry when I have passed through here, but there are reports of water going up some distance -- the realistic chance for water must always be judged considering the differences of the season and year.

Trails — Tonto Trail. East to Grapevine Canyon, some distance to travel to the next reliable water. West to Lonetree Canyon, not far.

1987 May - Midday stopover along the Grandview to Kaibab.

2003 April - Hiking with Alessio and heading for Lonetree. Here we encounter the fully-decked-out scout troop -- uniforms, patches, troop flag -- "trail right!" they announce to let me pass. They have a long haul to reach Grapevine; most likely not today. Stop on the west side and scan east with the binoculars -- no scouts anywhere. Mirage?


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