Rock Garden

Cardenas Butte and Creek — Northern of the two buttes along the Tanner Trail. An interesting route passes over the saddle and west of Cardenas Butte. The route goes north to a Redwall ravine west of the point marked 5685 on the USGS 15m map, and continues down a break in the Tapeats to the southwest of the hill on the Tonto level. From here, the ruin on the high point to the west of the mouth of Cardenas Creek may be reached with ease. The route is rugged and shows little use, but is surprisingly easy to follow. See detailed notes on Cardenas Route.

The Escalante Route connects Tanner to Unkar crossing Cardenas Creek near the river. An overhang up the bed from the trail crossing offers valuable shade on a hot day. It is possible to walk the ledge along the riverbank from Cardenas to Unkar beach, but the heavy tamarisk forest at Cardenas and the broken-up sections along the bank cancel any saving in elevation change.

Trails — Escalante Route connects Tanner and Unkar.

Routes — Cardenas Route provides shortest access to Unkar Rapid.

1985 May - First trip along Escalante.

1985 October - First exploration on a two day solo trip, staying at the Tonto level and then going down to Unkar and climbing out the next day.

1990 November - On my third visit to this area I finally found the ruin (how could anyone miss it!!) Stone walls 5 feet high.

1993 October - CABA Escalante group hike; rattlesnake near here. Exploration of riverbank connection to Unkar beach.


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