Rock Garden

Grandview Point — This area still shows many signs of some of the most substantial mining undertaken below the rim, but Pete Berry soon converted to promoting tourism for an easier and more profitable living. The Grandview Hotel was located overlooking the rim on the east side and there was a trail access nearby. The current trail access descends from the point. The trail is a work worthy of admiration in itself with many sections constructed of sandstone slabs laid on edge. The trail is in better condition among most of those not routinely maintained, but it does run close to some big drops and may be hazardous in snow or ice.

Trails — Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa. There are more trails and routes in this vicinity than anyplace in the Canyon (see Hance Creek and Cottonwood Creek).

Routes — The west slope into Grapevine Canyon is passable and the Supai Esplanade goes north to a Redwall route into the west arm of Cottonwood Creek.

1970 November - Geology hike to the inner gorge. The first trip on my own in Grand Canyon.

1981 March - To Cottonwood Creek.

1984 June - To Hance Creek.

1987 May - Going solo off-trail west.

1988 October - Day hike to tip of Horseshoe Mesa.

1999 October - Cottonwood solo.

2000 April - Off trail Grandview Circuit.

2001 November - Old trail route on the east side.


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