Rock Garden

Hance Rapid — Contrary to naming conventions, Hance Rapid is not at Hance Canyon, but this is because John Hance made use of both places for mining and tourism. Hance Rapid is at the end of the trail that goes down Red Canyon.

There are dunes at the river and a distinctive black dike running up the opposite cliff; this location is easily recognized in photos. Another interesting geologic feature can be seen downriver on the north slope above the river: a change in rock color marks the "V" of an older river channel. This is one of the more difficult (rocky) rapids and a good place to watch the boats. Remains of Hance's camp may be found at the top of the slope among the trees east of the creekbed (where there is a good view upriver) and there was once a tram across the river.

Trails — Tonto Trail begins here and goes downriver toward Horseshoe Mesa through Mineral Canyon and Hance Creek. Sections along the rise toward Mineral Canyon are indistinct and there are multiple tracks through a minor side-drainage. The Escalante Route connects upriver to Papago Canyon and on to the Tanner Trail.

Routes — An old track on the north shore below the rapid angles up toward the west to Asbestos Canyon.

1971 August - To the River and back with Deborah; her first hike!

1979 September - On the way to Grandview.

1985 May - Fourth day of Escalante Route with Dad and Hal.

1990 November - Passing through Escalante.

1993 October - CABA Escalante group hike.

2003 April - Camp 1 with Alessio.

2011 March - River crossing to Asbestos and back with Chris.


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